Feasibility studies of site/Investigator

Our advisor and director are well connected in the medical field and are involved in various academic bodies. They have a wide network of investigator in various specialized area both KOL and academicianswith special interest in clinical research. This enables us to get easy access to the investigator and because of unique blend of selection the post study clinical service in form of spread of the study evidence has also been possible.

These experiences have helped the product studied to gain faster access and mileage in the terms of usage with conviction.

The key elements we consider during our evaluation process are:

  • Investigator experience and time for clinical research
  • Study team members experience and training
  • Study specific site facilities
  • Patient population and recruitment strategies
  • Previous and competing clinical studies
  • Timeline for EC approvals and CTA execution
  • Archiving and sample retention policies



Medclin Research, a pan India Clinical Research service provider to the pharmaceutical industries with over 7 years of experience in clinical studies in various therapeutic areas. We have developed a niche in vaccinology. Our extended service includes publication in index journal, advisor in scientific and marketing activities and participating as a speaker/faculty in various forums to create awareness of the therapy through study results.

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