Clinical Trial Services


We have developeda strongexperience of conducting studies across India in various segment of therapeutic areas. With a team of key experts in clinical and therapeutic area we develop unique tailor made protocols which would address and build evidence for various clinical needs. This develops an edge in the medico marketing activity.


We have supported the service through our clinical expertise in form of being advisor, clinical consultant during regulatory presentation of study report and as faculty/speaker in various medical platform, conference, seminar, CME, workshop etc.


Our experience so far in various therapeutic areas: Attach excel of trial list:

S. No Trial Phase Indication No. of sites No. of Patients Geographical Coverage Service Provided Status
1 Phase IV Hepatitis A 4 550 India Full Service Completed
2 Phase III Hepatitis A 2 200 India Full Service Completed
3 Phase IV Hepatitis A 5 928 India Full Service Completed
4 Phase III Chickenpox 4 256 India Full Service Completed
5 Phase IV Chickenpox 4 134 India Full Service Ongoing
6 Phase II/III Chickenpox 4 252 India Full Service Ongoing
7 Phase IV Typhoid 1 2000 India Full Service Ongoing
8 Phase III  ConjugateTyphoid 9 981 India Full Service Completed
9 Phase IV  ConjugateTyphoid 7 500 India Full Service Ongoing
10 Phase IV Diarrhoea 5 1050 India Clinical Operations Coming up
11 Phase IV Japanese Encephalitis 4 320 India Clinical Operations Ongoing
12 Phase II/III Japanese Encephalitis 9 600 India Clinical Operations Coming up
1 Phase IV Diarrhoea 3 190 India Full Service coming up
2 Phase IV Diarrhoea 3 150 India Full Service coming up
3 Phase IV Diarrhoea 3 400 India Full Service Completed
1 Phase IV Hypertension 4 340 India Full Service Completed
Infectious Diseases
1 Phase IV Typhoid 2 120 India Full Service Completed
2 Phase IV Typhoid 2 72 India Full Service Completed
1 Phase III Asthma 4 240 India Full Service coming up




Medclin Research, a pan India Clinical Research service provider to the pharmaceutical industries with over 7 years of experience in clinical studies in various therapeutic areas. We have developed a niche in vaccinology. Our extended service includes publication in index journal, advisor in scientific and marketing activities and participating as a speaker/faculty in various forums to create awareness of the therapy through study results.

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