Medical Affairs

We provide scientific advice regarding the study if any requirement arises during analysis with the help of our pool of clinical expert in various specialty. Our expert team does the medical writing for regulatory submission of the study. We also facilitate original article publication in index journal both national and international based on the study need for medico marketing and scientific evidence for enhancing evidence based clinical practice.

The following are the links of our published article:

• Multicentric Study on vaccine completed on Feb 2008 Published in Indian Pediatrics 2009.

• Multicentric Study on antibiotic in typhoid fever completed on Nov 2009. E Publication in Indian Pediatrics – Feb 2011 will be published in Indian Pediatrics – July 2011.

• Probiotic efficacy in prevention of AAD in adult subjects – article accepted in JAPI 2012 October.

• Efficacy of Beta-blocker vs ACE inhibitor in mild to mod hypertensive for a period of 6 months- article published in JIMA December 2013.

• An open label evaluation of Immunogenicity and Safety of Biovac-A Freeze Dried, Live Attenuated Hepatitis-A Vaccine in healthy children - article published in Dovepress Vaccine: Development and Therapy 2014:4 1–6.‎

• Seroprevalence study of Hepatitis A virus antibody in Indian children - article published in Dovepress Vaccine: Development and Therapy 2014:4 7–13.



Medclin Research, a pan India Clinical Research service provider to the pharmaceutical industries with over 7 years of experience in clinical studies in various therapeutic areas. We have developed a niche in vaccinology. Our extended service includes publication in index journal, advisor in scientific and marketing activities and participating as a speaker/faculty in various forums to create awareness of the therapy through study results.

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