Welcome to Medclin Research Pvt. Ltd.

Medclin Research Private Limited, a Clinical Research Organization has been developed with a team of astute medical professionals and allied subjects in relevant areas. We had been trying to focus our activity in evidence building exercise to facilitate both medico-marketing and clinical practice. Medclin would also focus in the public health survey and epidemiology studies.

The initiative of this academic CRO was taken in 2006 by the experience of a prescription research organization to extend value addition by way of clinical studies for areas which could be identified from the prescription of astute medical professionals in different speciality areas. The inspiration was from Professor Chitta Mitra, founder of the concept of prescription research and Late Dr Tapan Kumar Ghosh who had active involvement in Indian Academy of Pediatrics and helped us to develop a widespread network in the medical fraternity. Professor Mitra had always felt the need to optimize the contribution of pharmaceutical R&D, it had to be more market oriented, which will effectively enable the industry to offer what the market is actually looking for.

The concept of prescription research has been further technologically augmented and upgraded in SMSRC Pvt Ltd by Mr Sanjoy Mitra, son of Professor Mitra. Medclin Research Pvt. Ltd. would be an extended value addition to the service.

Medclin Vision – Integrating marketing and R&D through clinical research.

Medclin Mission – Work in close association with medical professionals, SMSRC, and the pharmaceutical industry, to ensure an integrated approach to develop protocol designs for clinical trials responding to globalization and market strategies of pharmaceutical industry ultimately to take care of the healthcare delivery at large.



Medclin Research, a pan India Clinical Research service provider to the pharmaceutical industries with over 7 years of experience in clinical studies in various therapeutic areas. We have developed a niche in vaccinology. Our extended service includes publication in index journal, advisor in scientific and marketing activities and participating as a speaker/faculty in various forums to create awareness of the therapy through study results.

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