Investigators Network

We have extensive database of experienced dedicated investigators in the core therapeutic area where we initially plan to start our operations. 

This network with our personalized relationship would help us to provide access for a quick study initiation within the timeframe to initiate success driven approach effectively to resolve issues and deliver the product to market on time. The networks of astute medical professionals are located in key geographic regions all around India to provide access when required to conduct study. 


Medclin Research medical advisory team comprises of the distinguished academicians and stalwarts in the respective areas like clinical pharmacology, medical professionals, immunology, legal and regulatory, distinguished personalities from research and development departments. The advisory team would support and provide guidelines for the study protocols, safety monitoring, indepth studies for patient welfare and look into the regulatory issues when required.

Clinical Writing would be another important value addition of our service. It would not be simply a summary of the study report but it would provide adequate scientific messages through thorough literature survey to create impact to the clinical development with an unbiased ethical review. All this should optimize the healthcare delivery system.



Medclin Research, a pan India Clinical Research service provider to the pharmaceutical industries with over 7 years of experience in clinical studies in various therapeutic areas. We have developed a niche in vaccinology. Our extended service includes publication in index journal, advisor in scientific and marketing activities and participating as a speaker/faculty in various forums to create awareness of the therapy through study results.

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